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Open Arena

Open Arena

Messaggio da leggereda benedetto il 04/06/2012, 20:56


Molti preferiscono alien arena, altri wolfenstein: et, ma io personalmente preferisco questo FPS sparatutto in prima persona.... davvero carino, ricco di mappe e di personaggi, con una pseudo-campagna single player e un sistema anche multiplayer....
La home page ufficiale:

l'ultima versione (del 20 febbraio 2012), la 0.8.8, che reintroduce il supporto per il machintosh


- Two new single player campaign tiers
- New maps:

- New player model: Neko.
- Specular maps have been added to many player and weaponsmodels. These can be disabled by turning off detail textures.
- Invulnerability powerup and effects
- Grappling hook model, shader, and sounds
- Angelyss, Gargoyle have been reanimated
- Liz and SMarine animation glitches fixed
- Music
- Many of the old maps got entity tweaks, gametype unlocking and other fixes.
- Benchmark demo
- Fixed TEAMMATE kill message bug.
- Prevent team changing and disconnect from changing team score in Team Deathmatch.
- Don't let vampire resurrect dead players.
- Now uses FFA spawnpoints in domination.
- Workaround for Kamikaze bug.
- g_autonextmap added ("Auto change level" in the menu). Randomly picks a new map once the current map has ended. The maps allowed for each gametype are configurable.
- You can now see how much health the obelisk have left in Overload
- Autoswitch weapon can now be set to only change to better or new weapons.
- Chat beep can be disabled in options.
- Changed default customvotefile to customvote.cfg.
- Added the possibility for spawning in waves. The cvar g_respawntime says how often players should spawn.
- Added a CVAR g_voteBan X - bans a player for X minutes using the KK-admin system
- Added g_gravityModifier (default 1.0) that modifies g_gravity relatively to the value set by the map.
- Additional dmflags. Most notably "Fast weapon switch" and "No self damage".
- Added a CVAR g_damageModifier to modify damage of all weapons and triggers.
- Added replace_* cvars like disable_*. Can be used like "set replace_weapon_shotgun weapon_bfg" for replacing shutgun by BFG.
- Handicap is reset to 100 once returned to the main menu. It is no longer changeable thorugh the GUI to prevent new players from hurting themself.
- Added "Click to respawn"-message. Tells the player how long until they are allowed to respawn. Very relevant for wave spawning.
- New specular code, r_specmode 1 to enable
- New environment map code, r_envmode 1 to enable
- Cascaded bloom, which is more 'natural', and is much faster on lower end hardware r_bloom_cascade 1 to enable
- Support for GLSL shaders!
- Bloom is not allowed if we don't have 32-bit color for textures. This stops the user from playing with corrupt bloom in 16-bit color since the bloom code doesn't really support that yet.
Elementary OS... ma nostalgia di Gentoo :geek:
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Re: Open Arena

Messaggio da leggereda niculinux il 05/06/2012, 11:15

gran gioco benny, ma il migliore per linux è e rimane Urban Terror

apprposti, siccome ope arena è disponibile anche per win e linux (non solo streattamante er linux, possimo spostare in Recensioni Giochi ?

Grazie :resp:
Per favore, mettete [RISOLTO] ai topic ove avete, appunto risolto!
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Re: Open Arena

Messaggio da leggereda benedetto il 05/06/2012, 13:22

Hai ragione, sisi sposta sposta... comunque urban terror è troppo pesante.... e in più openarena è portable! :D
Elementary OS... ma nostalgia di Gentoo :geek:
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Messaggi: 364
Iscritto il: 22/05/2012, 22:43
Località: Milanoooo

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